Baby Organix – BuzzOff After Bite Balm *2 Pcs* ( B )


  • Eco Friendly
  • Natural & Plant based
  • Fragrance Free
  • Tear Free.SLS Free
  • Very infant safe
  • Gentle on baby’s eye and ideal for whole family
  • Suitable for baby with allergies & sensative skin
  • Very infant safe
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Safe natural and effective against annoying insects. Specially formulated with tea tree oil to soothes & relief itchiness, can use to expel mosquito if applied before bitten. Works to repel and as an after bite treatment for already existing bites. Our special formula I made from natural plant and non toxic ingredients, enriched with Melaleuca oil providing good protective effect for repelling mosquitoes, fleas, black flies and bugs. It soothes and provide quick relief of itchiness from insects bites and stings.

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