Twins Baby – Breast Milk Storage BAG 5oz

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• Double zipper seal
• Pre-sterilized
• Food grade material,  BPA free
• Stable base for self-standing
• Writable field for making any useful notes
• Safe for freezer storage

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Please read and retain for future reference. Each storage bag is sterilizod
Please use the pack instructions before use.

1.Wash hands before handling bags.
2. Open the bag and pour freshly expressed breast milk ensuring not to ova
3. Before sealing, squeeze out air as much as possible.
4. Seal the bag and mark the date and time.
5. To thaw breastmilk, place the frozen breastmilk in refrigerator.
6. For quicker defrosting and warm breastmilk, place into warm water.
7. If milk fat has separated, shake well before feeding.

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