Lovi – Bottle Medical PA 150 ml

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  • Made from special plastic PA which is BPA free.
  • Resistant to high temperatures and damage of the sterilisation process.
  • Safe and clear like glass.
  • Comes with patented Dynamic Teat.
  • Ideal to combine with breast feeding as it follows active suckling reflex.
  • Compatible with all LOVI nursing and feeding accessories.
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The BPA Free Medical Bottle is made from special plastic (Poly Amide) , which is safe and clear like glass. It is resistant to high temperatures and damage of sterilising process so it stays clear and does not become cloudy like PP bottles. The patented Dynamic teat follows Active Suckling Reflex, the natural suckling rhythm of a baby. Researched and tested in Polish hospitals.

Design Structure

The Medical bottle can withstand heat much higher than 100 degrees Celsius because it is made of PA. PA is a material free of bisphenol – A (BPA-Free), a substance that is harmful to the operation and growth of a child. Ergonomically contoured shape allows the bottle to hold and move to the rhythm of the baby’s suckling. Bottle comes with lid for use when traveling. Feeding cup/hood has measuring scale and can be used for alternate feeding. The bottle is compatible with LOVI feeding and nursing accessories.


Medical Bottle has patented Dynamic Teat which follows Active Suckling Reflex (ASR), a baby’s natural suckling rhythm. Baby follows Active Suckling Reflex on mothers breast and as well as Dynamic teat so she can be bottle fed while breast feeding.   The teat maintains the pace of suction as from the maternal breast. (To suckle 42-84 times per minute and to swallow once every 3-5 suctions). Correct suckling rhythm allows the baby to breathe properly through nose. Less amount of air ingested through mouth reduces the amount of colic. The teat protects natural development of correct oral muscles as during active suckling on mother’s breast so teeth and speech development is normal.