Pur – MilkSafe Vacuum Storage System For Breast Milk with Manual Breast Pump

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  • This is a Manual Breast Pump. It has an adjusting dial on the right hand side. The dial can be adjusted to the desired suction level.
  • It is the Handle of breast pump, used for pumping the milk. Cannot be washed in dishwasher, or boiled water. Should be washed with washing liquid, in other ways.
  • It is Dome. It is used for breast pump device. It cannot be washed in boiling water, or in dishwasher but, washing liquid can be used
  • It is Silicone Insert – A part of breast pump. Handle is connected to the insert. Can be washed with boiling water, but not with dishwasher. Washing liquid can be used to wash the insert
  • Silicone honey comb liner is meant to be massaging, pulsating, and stimulating for the breasts. Its a part of the breast pump. It can be be put in boiling water, but cannot be put in dishwasher. Washing liquid can be used
  • It is a Vacuum Pump that can be connected to the storage cap, to vacuum milk that was pumped. Vacuumed milk can be kept in freezer for more that one year. Milk should be vacuumed because, oxygen can destroy the flavor, and nutrients of the milk.
  • 5oz. Pur Vacuum Storage feeding bottle with vacuum storage cap, to keep the milk, airtight, in the bottle. It is perfect for refrigerator or your freezer. Same bottles can be used for storage and feeding. It comes in a Pack of 3 feeding bottles
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This innovative breast pump comes with various parts that are essentials for making mother’s milk safe. The whole kit includes a feeding bottle, connector, handle, rubber insert, honeycomb liner and dome. Now the question is that what is different in this product? First of all its working is slightly different than other breast pumps available in the market. It works with One-Way Air Flow which helps in extracting air from the breasts which helps eliminate bacteria from mom and baby. Its unique ultra soft honey comb liner pulsates and massages the breasts to create the prolactin to increase the milk supply for baby’s health. Its vacuum adjustment dial helps draw milk and stimulate the breasts to give maximum milk and ultimate comfort

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